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EPK 2023
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Experience the magic of Kalalea as the stage comes alive with an artistic display of LED and aerial performers, acrobatic contortionists and fire visuals.

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Years of Experience

With two decades of invaluable experience, our captivating shows have been taken on tour across the Hawaiian islands and beyond borders, entertaining audiences internationally. 

Trusted Professionals

Clients include; Live Nation, CID Presents, Envision Festival, Dead and Co, Hawaii 5-0,  NCIS, Disney and countless corporate clients. 

Dedicated Performers

In addition to delivering tightly choreographed routines on stage, skillfully accentuating both bands and DJs, Kalalea has the ability to perform spontaneously to any song in the moment. 

For festivals seeking dynamic performances, Kalalea offers 4 - 8 dancers synchronized across one or multiple stages.  Additionally, we showcase captivating specialty acts that deliver awe-inspiring moment of aerials, multi-hoops, specialty props and juggling.  By skillfully mixing these elements, we create captivating stage shows, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the audience. 


Kalalea's LED shows are customized to include band and festival art.  Our LED show can be a stand alone show that is operated from backstage by our techs.  Alternately the LEDs can be operated by FOH via DMX to send the visuals onto the big screens creating a dynamic visual experience. 


Kalalea is renowned for our skillful partner fire spinning, graceful choreography and captivating solo acts.  As the premier fire dance group in Hawaii, Kalalea offers Retro, Polynesian and Epic Fire shows curated for any festival.

Circus Arts

Experience the incredible talents of aerialists, acrobats, stilt walkers, contortionists and jugglers collaborating with the Kalalea dancers to create a captivating display that combines beauty, strength and grace. Our performances aim to uplift and inspire.

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